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Two Leaves   (42K JPEG)

    Autumn always gives us plenty of "color material"...

Leaves on the ground  (76 K JPEG)

Flood   (33 K JPEG)

    The two opposite seasons: spring (left) and autumn (right). But why the feelings are so similar?

Autumn   (48 K JPEG)

Lightspots on the wall,   (21 K JPEG)

    Lightspots on the wall inside an old castle revealing the inescapable work of Time and the trees enjoying the unique current moment of Life...

Flash  (36 K JPEG)

Butterfly on the typewriter   (31 K JPEG)

    Red details... Oh, red details... A butterfly was sitting on the typewriter performing as a perfect model (it even allowed me to change it's position). After scanning the slide, some digital retouchment has been done. Right image is original shot ("as is"). The idea of flower in a glass was born by my friend Nathali...

Flower in a glass   (41 K JPEG)

Outskirts   (75 K JPEG)

    In conclusion, a couple of old Russia pieces scanned from 6x6 sm slides.

Old place  (80 K JPEG)

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